Live happier with Wants & Thanks Journal


Life in Perspective

• Track your Wants
• Prioritize your Needs
• Discover the Blessings in your life

If you only Want without Thanks, you will never be happy.

Track your Wants 

Prioritize your Needs 

Discover the blessings in your life

“Star” special events 

Chart your progress 

Sync across iOS devices

Improve gratitude by comparing Wants, Needs, and Thanks with graphs and charts. 

Set a weekly reminder to reflect on the good and discover the hidden blessings in your life.

Add Wants and Needs to your Today Widget and swipe for a quick chart. 

We are excited about the upcoming release of the Apple Watch!


“…it helps me see what is truly important, not only throughout the day, but in the grand scheme of my life”
James Early Tester