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What are Wants, Needs, & Thanks?

Jan 14 2015

WANTS, NEEDS, & THANKS Wants and Needs was designed to view your life in three categories: Wants, Needs, and Thanks. But what…

Launch Date

Jan 09 2015

Pixolini is excited to announce the launch date of our upcoming app Wants and Needs! Thursday, January 29, 2015 The app will be available to…

Strengthen Your Faith with Wants and Needs

Jan 07 2015

Wants and Needs is simple, elegant, and practical for individuals in all stages of life. Wants and Needs can be used in many…

appmasters: Learn a New Programming Language with Marco Napoli

Jan 03 2015

How to Use Real World Examples to Learn a New Programming Language with Marco Napoli About this appmasters Episode Are you taking…


Jan 01 2015

happybuddha1975 Review AppTipp: Wants and Needs Thanks to happybuddha1975 for reviewing Wants and Needs!

Happy New Year!

Jan 01 2015

Happy New Year from Pixolini and Wants and Needs!