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What Makes You Happy?

Jul 20 2015

What Makes You Happy? If you could have anything in the world, what would you ask for? Would that one thing make…

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Jun 10 2015

Gratitude & Heart Health

May 05 2015

Can gratitude increase heart health? Source: Wants and Needs – Gratitude & Heart Health

Gratitude Newsletter

May 04 2015

Wants and Needs is a weekly curated gratitude newsletter full of interesting and informative links about gratitude and it’s benefits to a…

Gratitude: The Brain’s Amazing Fertilizer

Feb 16 2015

GRATITUDE: THE BRAIN’S AMAZING FERTILIZER By Charles Stone I live in Canada, and we celebrated Thanksgiving in October while the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving…

Words to Live By

Feb 12 2015

Two words to live by: thank you Gratitude might be a “chick thing”, but it’s another reason women are happier and live…