You can search for entries by keyword in any list: Wants, Needs, Thanks, or Starred. You must search in the list the entry is in. For example, if you are searching for a Thanks entry, you must search in the Thanks list. A Starred entry can be searched for in either the Starred list or in it’s Wants, Needs, or Thanks list.

1. From the main menu, tap the list you want to search in: Wants, Needs, Thanks, or Starred.

2. Touch anywhere in the list and slide your finger down. A search bar should appear above the top entry.

3. Tap [icon icon=”search” color=”primary” size=”tiny” with_circle=”0″ link=””] Search.

4. Enter keyword(s).

Note: Both the title and the body of all entries will be search for the keyword(s) you entered. The entries will begin to filter as you type.

5. Tap Search. All entries with the keyword(s) you entered will appear in the list.

Note: You can bypass tapping Search by tapping an entry in the list or by scrolling down the list.