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February 3, 2015

iOS App Spy: Wants and Needs Lifestyle App for iOS Users Designed by Pixolini, Inc: Review

Wants and Needs: Live Happier to iOS App Spy for their review of Wants and Needs and for featuring the app!




Wants and Needs was thoughtfully designed to view your life in three categories: Wants, Needs, and Thanks. Track your Wants, prioritize your Needs, and discover Thanks in your life. Are your Wants outweighing your Needs? Are your Needs overshadowing your Thanks? The Wants and Needs app was designed with these questions in mind to help you put your Life in Perspective.
Put Your Life in Perspective
• Wants: Set goals to improve your life and prevent overconsumption.
• Needs: Prioritize the important things in your life.
• Thanks: Reflect on the good and discover the hidden blessings.
• Improve gratitude by comparing Wants, Needs, and Thanks with graphs and charts.

If you only want without Thanks, you will never be happy.

This app available on app store with lot of unique Features:-

  • User can add a photo to each entry
  • Users can generate chart to see progress (Bar, Line , Graph)
  • Reorder entry lists by priority
  • Use Passcode and Touch ID to secure your data
  • Weekly Reminder to remember your wants & needs
  • Share to Social Media or by email
  • Easy to export into PDF
  • Print your results
  • Today widget
  • iCloud Sync to update into app device

Wants and Needs is a brand new app designed to help organize your personal goals, ambitions, and expressions of gratitude into three simple categories: Wants, Needs, and Thanks.

Wants and Needs an user-friendly app with lot of unique features: – User can generate chart & add photo on each entry, Use passcode & touch id to secure data, weekly reminder, share with friends & email, iCould help to sync all data. App published into multi languages for Global users English, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. App Functions

Wants and Needs was thoughtfully designed to help you keep your “Life in Perspective!” So finally I want to say its awesome app Try Now!!