Strengthen Your Faith with Wants and Needs

January 7, 2015

Wants and Needs is simple, elegant, and practical for individuals in all stages of life. Wants and Needs can be used in many life changing ways: find balance in your life, keep a gratitude journal, and more. Another great way to use Wants and Needs is to include entries that encourage your faith.

Along with your daily entries, you can include entries to help you reach your spiritual goals. For example:

  • Track your Wants and set goals – “Read the whole Bible this year.”
  • Prioritize your spiritual Needs – “Pray more.”
  • Discover the Thanks (blessings) in your life – “I’m so grateful for answered prayers.”

Need a more convenient way to track your prayer list? Use Wants and Needs to list your prayers. Ask for the things you Want, pray for the things you Need, and give Thanks for the blessings God has provided.

The best part: there are no rules to Wants and Needs! Use it how you want to get the best results in your life!