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What Makes You Happy?

Jul 20 2015

What Makes You Happy? If you could have anything in the world, what would you ask for? Would that one thing make…

Happiness Lies in the Heart, Rather Than in the Purse

Jun 22 2015

Happiness Lies in the Heart, Rather Than in the Purse Contentment with your lot, and confidence in God–will make life peaceful and…

Win with Thanks

Jun 15 2015

Win with Thanks What do you cherish most? Is it the things you once wanted? The things you now have but no…

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Jun 10 2015

Reflect Upon Your Present Blessings

May 27 2015

Reflect Upon Your Present Blessings As humans, our minds can often wonder with worry. One minute we are worrying about our lives…

Do You Feel Appreciated?

May 13 2015

Do You Feel Appreciated? Do you ever feel unappreciated? Can you remember the last time you went out of your way to…

Happy Mother’s Day!

May 10 2015

Happy Mother’s Day! How are you showing gratitude to your mom this Mother’s Day? Click the photo or link below to check…

Gratitude & Heart Health

May 05 2015

Can gratitude increase heart health? Source: Wants and Needs – Gratitude & Heart Health

Gratitude Newsletter

May 04 2015

Wants and Needs is a weekly curated gratitude newsletter full of interesting and informative links about gratitude and it’s benefits to a…

Thoughts of Gratitude

Apr 24 2015

Time for a pop quiz! Ask yourself these questions: Do you ever find yourself day-dreaming about the things you want or the…