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I Am Thankful

Apr 23 2015

Don’t Be Put To Shame by Your Dog

Apr 17 2015

Have you ever noticed how grateful your dog is? When you take him for a walk, play fetch, or feed him, he…

86,400 Seconds

Mar 12 2015

  1 Day doesn’t seem like a long time. But when we break the time down into smaller pieces, there may be…

Science Of Happiness: 10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Incredibly Happy

Mar 03 2015

SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS: 10 SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN WAYS TO BE INCREDIBLY HAPPY   It’s easy to think of happiness as a result, but happiness…

Making Grateful Kids – YouTube

Feb 27 2015

Making Grateful Kids – YouTube

Flex Your Gratitude Muscle, and Lift Stress Away

Feb 25 2015

FLEX YOUR GRATITUDE MUSCLE, AND LIFT STRESS AWAY Post published by Jan Bruce on May 21, 2013 For most of us giving comes a…

Is Gratitude the Antidote to Relationship Failure?

Feb 20 2015

IS GRATITUDE THE ANTIDOTE TO RELATIONSHIP FAILURE? Stop taking your partner for granted and start being grateful. Here’s why. Post published by Amie…

Feeling Gratitude and not expressing it…

Feb 19 2015

This has to be my favorite gratitude quote of all time.   “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a…

Gratitude: The Brain’s Amazing Fertilizer

Feb 16 2015

GRATITUDE: THE BRAIN’S AMAZING FERTILIZER By Charles Stone I live in Canada, and we celebrated Thanksgiving in October while the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving…

Words to Live By

Feb 12 2015

Two words to live by: thank you Gratitude might be a “chick thing”, but it’s another reason women are happier and live…