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Why I Love Wants and Needs

Feb 10 2015

WHY I LOVE WANTS AND NEEDS I’ve got to admit, when I first started using Wants & Needs, my life didn’t look…

Denver Phone Doctor

Feb 09 2015

DENVER PHONE DOCTOR’s App of the day Want, need and give thanks with this unique concept app. Available on iOS. Thanks to Denver…

Catholic Mom

Feb 09 2015

Catholic Mom Wants and Needs App – Review Thanks to for reviewing Wants and Needs! I don’t remember entering a store with my one…

Christian Review

Feb 09 2015

Christian Review Live Happier with Wants and Needs for iOS Thanks to Christian Review for reviewing Wants and Needs! Pixolini, Inc. is proud to announce the…


Feb 09 2015

simonblog Review Wants and Needs For iOS: Create A Balance In Your Life by adeel qayum on FEBRUARY 18, 2015 Thanks to simonblog for reviewing Wants and…


Feb 09 2015

appadvice Review Give thanks and prioritize your Wants and Needs with this beautiful app BY CHRISTINE CHAN on Mon February 09th, 2015 Thanks to appadvice for reviewing…

iPhone Life Magazine

Feb 04 2015

iPhone Life Magazine Review Wants and Needs App: Balancing Your Priorities and Putting Your Life in Perspective Thanks to iPhone Life Magazine and…

iOS App Spy

Feb 03 2015

iOS App Spy: Wants and Needs Lifestyle App for iOS Users Designed by Pixolini, Inc: Review   Thanks to iOS App Spy…


Jan 25 2015

NewsWatchTV History Channel and FYI Network


Jan 01 2015

happybuddha1975 Review AppTipp: Wants and Needs Thanks to happybuddha1975 for reviewing Wants and Needs!